Manufacturer cuts emissions

Food manufacturers are increasingly feeling the effects of climate change, including the rising cost of ingredients.

As such, it is becoming more vital that the food industry does its part to cut carbon emissions.

Australian-owned Spiral Foods recently demonstrated its commitment to the environment and support for food producers, announcing it has become 100% climate neutral.

Working with neutralising company Climate Friendly, Spiral Foods’ carbon emissions were calculated, including electricity, air travel, car and truck use, car rentals and taxis, paper and freight.

An equivalent value of gold standard carbon credits have been invested in renewable energy generation.

“We have worked with Climate Friendly to invest in globally-recognised gold standard carbon credits, supporting projects that work toward displacing polluting energy sources like coal usage,” Spiral Foods director James Wilson said.

“We feel this is the most effective way we can take action to stop global warming and protect our food future.”

Now in the next stage of their climate change policy, Spiral Foods is also committed to investigating and implementing ongoing energy efficiency measures for its Sydney and Melbourne offices and warehouse operations, and believe this is one of the most important parts of reducing the company’s overall environmental impact.


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