Mary’s pasta products recalled

Mary’s Pasta Products is conducting a consumer level recall of the products listed below.

This recall is being conducted due to potential foreign matter contamination.

Mary’s Pasta Products first and over-riding concern is the safety of our consumers and quality of our products and as such we have initiated this recall.

All date markings are affected:

Mary’s Ravioli — 500g Mary’s Chicken Ravioli — 500g Mary’s Ricotta Ravioli — 500g Mary’s Tortellini — 500g Mary’s Gnocchi — 500g Mary’s Spaghetti Sauce — 500g Mary’s Egg Pasta Fettuccini — 500g Mary’s Egg Pasta Spaghetti — 500g Mary’s Egg Pasta Linguini — 500g Mary’s Egg Pasta Squid Ink Fettuccini — 500g Mary’s Egg Pasta Kaffir Lime and Chilli Linguini — 500g Mary’s Egg Pasta Chilli Spaghetti — 500g Lasagne Sheets — 2kg

Only the above products with the nominated sizes are affected by this recall.

Mary’s Pasta Products is working with health authorities on the issue.

Consumers should not consume these products and should return to place of purchase for full refund.

Any consumers concerned about their health should seek medical advice.

Mary’s Pasta Products 21 Moresby Road, Moresby Qld 4871

(07) 4063 2463

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