Matilda’s Aussie grown frozen berries to begin production

Australia’s first 100 per cent locally grown frozen berries, will begin processing in the Yarra Valley next month.

The frozen berries will be processed on purpose built Australian engineered machinery in the Yarra Valley and the berries will be from Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm.

Matilda’s co-founder Ruth Gallace says they’ve now secured distributors in every State and will start processing berries on its Australian designed and engineered machinery in the Yarra Valley next month.

“We have had to start this entirely from scratch.  That has meant having machinery purpose built and designed, and creating a factory from the ground up. The decision has meant things have taken much longer, much like an architectural house build, but we’ve chosen to take absolutely no short cuts, and we’re really proud of that.  Everything about this business is Australian made.”

Matilda’s was launched after 31 cases of Hepatitis A were linked by the Department of Health to Nanna's 1kg fresh frozen mixed berries, which are made using imported berries.

While Patties said after completing its microbiological and viral testing that it found no Hepatitis A or E.coli on recalled products, the recall pushed up demand for fresh Australian berries.

The origin of Matilda’s frozen berries will be completely transparent – labelled on each and every bag, with no part of the product, or process, occurring offshore.

Gallace had hoped to have product on shelves earlier, but refuses to compromise on quality.

“Now we’re at the end of the Victorian season, we’re going to use fruit from our Queensland farms when it’s at its absolute peak to ensure when it hits the shelves, we know unequivocally that we’re delivering the best product we possibly can.”


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