Maxwell Foods launches children’s Peppa Pig range in Australia

Australian food brand, Maxwell Foods is launching the Peppa Pig brand in Australia and the UK across its range of children's fruit and nut products.

Peppa Pig, which is the star of an internationally successful animated children’s show, will appear on the product packaging of Maxwell Foods’ childrens fruit and nut products including high quality sultanas, apricots, and mixed fruit and nuts.

Maxwell Foods managing director, Chris Spratt says that the manufacturer’s Peppa Pig snack foods provide children with a tasty snack that also boasts a great nutritional profile.

“Giving our kids a special treat with a nutritious fruit and nut base that satisfies their taste buds as well as being branded with one of their favourite characters is a surefire way to encourage kids to eat healthier,” said Spratt.

Established in 1984, Maxwell Foods sources premium fruit and nut products from around the world. The company recently entered into a joint-venture in Turkey to source premium apricots, in addition to its many other existing produce suppliers who deliver quality  almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pinenuts, peanuts, pistachios and walnuts

Products are presented in single serve boxes, pillow pack bags, zipped day pack bags, snack tubs and “on the go” cups.


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