McCormick releases new Marinade in a Bag varieties

Building on the success of the original range of McCormick’s Marinade in a Bag varieties, McCormick has now extended its range to include two new flavours; Native Herb & Spice, and Spicy BBQ.

Research from last year's launch of the product indicated that 72 percent of consumers found the McCormick Marinade in a Bag more convenient to use than competing products, and 80 percent of respondents said that they would recommend the product to friends.

The research also found that consumers wanted more flavour varieties, which has now inspired the creation of the new range.

 “We have listened to consumer feedback and developed two new flavours to build on our existing range,” said Karen Marshall, Marketing Innovations for McCormick Marinade in a Bag.

“We kept hearing from shoppers that they wanted flavours with more ‘spice’, so this barbecue season we’ve come to the party with two varieties that have tested extremely well with consumers."

McCormick’s new Marinade in a Bag varieties

  • Native Herb and Spice: A rich blend of tomato and paprika with native mountain pepper, lemon myrtle and oregano. Perfect on all proteins, especially lamb.
  • Spicy BBQ: Combines the bold flavours of pepper, chillies and BBQ sauce, to create a sweet, hot and spicy flavour. Great on beef, chicken and pork.

McCormick’s new Marinade in a Bag varieties will be complemented with a national PR campaign, blogger engagement and print advertising.

In addition, McCormick Marinade in a Bag will also be involved in the Big Aussie Barbie event, which raises much needed funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia.


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