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McKenzie’s adds seven flours to the range

Following a rapid surge in home cooking and baking over the year, McKenzie’s is meeting consumer demand by expanding their single alternative flour range and introducing a new special purpose flour range from April.

Specially developed with the final product in mind, the range includes Bread & Pizza Flour, Cake Flour, Cookie Flour and Pancake Flour.

The Bread & Pizza Flour combines plain, oat and wholemeal spelt four to help aspiring bread makers make wholesome bread, pizza and focaccias while boosting protein and fibre.

To achieve the lightest, softest cakes, cupcakes and biscuits, McKenzie’s have developed the Cake Flour blend with low-protein plain flour and corn flour.

To boost protein and fibre while still enjoying sweet treats, McKenzie’s Cookie Flour is a blend of chick pea, plain and oat flour to bake 18 cookies in each bag.

For the lightest, fluffiest pancakes for those Sunday mornings, McKenzie’s Pancake Flour features plain, oat and rice flour to make 24 pancakes.

The single alternative flour range has been expanded to now include Almond Flour, Brown Rice Flour and Yellow Pea Flour.

These flours will accompany nine other alternative flours in the range with the Yellow Pea and Almond Flour offering a good source of fibre and protein while the Brown Rice Flour features 100% whole grains.

The perfect flour to add wholesome goodness to your baking, Almond Flour and Brown Rice Flour are excellent gluten free alternatives adding a mild & nutty flavour to baking treats, including cakes, biscuits & bread.

The Yellow Pea Flour adds an earthy flavour to baking, while boosting protein and fibre.

Made from 100% Australian ingredients, it’s a great alternative for flatbreads and fritters.

McKenzie’s Marketing Manager, Bianca Piscopo, said the Australian food manufacturer is delighted to be able to offer customers an expansive range of single alternative and special purpose flours.

“We’re thrilled to expand our current offering in the alternative flour space and introduce our customers to a special purpose flour range specifically formulated to achieve perfect results every time,” said Bianca.

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