Meat portioner aids food safety

Food Processing Equipment is the sole distributor in Australia and New Zealand of US-based manufacturer Stork Townsend’s advanced, low-pressure portioning machine.

The new portioning technology is an alternative to the traditional method of forming.

The RevoPortioner can portion whole muscle meat into many natural shapes, while maintaining consistent size and weight.

The technology used by the RevoPortioner retains the original properties of the whole muscle, such as bite, structure and visual appeal.

This piece of equipment will allow the food industry to introduce new poultry, pork, red meat, fish and vegetable products to the market.

Products will retain their typical shape and weight leading to less non-conformity, consistent cooking times and improved food safety.

Able to process meat mixtures either in dough form or as whole muscle, the RevoPortioner is capable of producing a wide variety of product shapes and sizes, such as fillets, tenders, nuggets, patties, fingers and popcorn.

It is also suitable for traditional meat dough formed products, such as nuggets and patties.

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