Meat processor signs breakthrough contract with China

Bindaree Beef has signed a major new contract to airfreight shelf ready beef cuts to supermarket chains in China.

The contract was signed today (18 September) in Shanghai by Tim Sullivan, China manager for Bindaree Beef, who is participating in a trade mission with Minister of Agriculture Barnaby Joyce.

It builds on an existing agreement in which Norco established a supply chain for distributing fresh chilled Australian milk to supermarkets in major Chinese cities, including Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

Bindaree is taking beef cuts that have traditionally been used in the manufacturing of hamburger patties in the US market and selecting, preparing and packaging individual cuts that suit the palate of affluent urban Chinese consumers for traditional style Chinese cooking.

“The opportunity to cut, pack and price label beef to go directly on the shelves is a wonderful value adding opportunity to supply niche customers in China, which is exactly where Bindaree needs to fit in the supply chain,” said Sullivan.

“What Bindaree needs to continue to do is identify and work with the right players in the market place to deliver a premium clean green product with full traceability, and our HAACP and Food Safety procedures in Australia are the best in the world to deliver that.”

JR McDonald, chairman Bindaree Beef, added “Bindaree Beef would like to congratulate and thank Minister of Agriculture, Barnaby Joyce and Minister of Trade Andrew Robb for proactively working to grow our trade with China. We believe the work we are doing to develop these opportunities will deliver benefits – especially by creating jobs and supporting a sustainable beef cattle industry – that will reward their efforts," he said.


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