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Meatless Farm launches new plant-based range in New Zealand

Meatless Farm

Plant-based food brand Meatless Farm has landed in Aotearoan, New Zealand with its plant-based ground mince, sausages and burgers. 

Created for meat eaters, vegans and flexitarians, Meatless Farm aims to change the way people think about protein to reduce the world’s dependency on farmed meat products. The brand’s products aim to deliver the same sensory experience and nutritional value as meat equivalents.  

The launch comes at a time when one in three New Zealanders are consciously eating less meat, with interest in plant-based alternatives gaining considerable momentum. 

“New Zealand has a rich food culture and we’re thrilled to have finally launched our range of Meatless Farm products to Kiwis,” Meatless Farm founder Morten Toft Bech said. 

“Our quest from the get-go has been to reduce the world’s carbon footprint by creating exceptional plant-based products with a strong nutrition profile that deliver on taste and texture. Going meatless used to be hard but now, and especially for meat eaters, making the swap comes without compromise.”  

“Globally, the plant-based sector is set to grow massively in the next couple of years, however things need to move at a faster pace if we’re to address the urgency of the climate crisis and the role food plays in that. Our products have been recognised globally for their taste and nutrition and we’re proud to be an action leader in the new world food economy where plant-based meat will play a huge role,” he said.  

“We have seen rapid growth in the UK and Europe for our products and studies suggest this trend will continue to grow. A recent report (“BCG Food for Thought – The Protein Transformation”) predicts that alternative protein will capture 11 per cent of the global protein market by 2035, and even 22 per cent if there is rapid progress in technology and regulatory processes which we are helping to lead.”  

Meatless Farm aims to improve taste, texture, nutrition and sustainability. As part of its commitment to sustainable manufacturing, the company has recently opened a dedicated plant protein ingredients subsidiary in Canada, Lovingly Made Ingredients, to provide its global supply of plant protein and expand into broader external supply operations. 

Using plants as the main source of protein creates a more sustainable and efficient way to feed the world. On average, Meatless Farm products use 90 per cent less land and 70-80 per cent less water than their meat counterparts and contribute to biodiversity.  

In recent Colmar Brunton research on plant-based trends, health is the leading reason New Zealanders choose to eat less meat, closely followed by the environment and animal welfare. 

“There is a direct correlation between highly-processed meat and the risk of developing serious lifestyle diseases,” Bech said. 

“Our range of products are all about balance and inspiring small changes to showcase that plant-based alternatives help combat lifestyle diseases and help the environment while being delicious. It’s not about going totally vegan, it’s about a few changes a week.” 

The Meatless Farm range is high in protein, fibre and has zero cholesterol. All products are plant-based and are made using the highest quality, non-GMO ingredients available. 

Plant-based foods are naturally high in fibres which build the bacteria in the gut called the microbiome which is a key factor in maintaining health. In a global study on the impact of diet on the body’s microbiome, results showed that people who ate over 30 different plant foods in a week had a more diverse microbiome. 

“Evidence suggests that reducing intensively farmed meat consumption is good for overall health and wellbeing,” Meatless Farm nutritionist Angela Walker said. 

Numerous studies conclude that a plant-based diet may reduce the risk of heart disease, blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and help with significant weight loss and reduced fat mass.”  

“Plant-based foods can replace some of the less healthy foods in our diet whilst not having to change what we cook everyday. If we are eating more plants, those foods are likely to be naturally replacing things like refined sugars and trans fats. Some animal-based food can also be high in saturated fats and switching to a more plant-based diet can naturally replace some of these,” she said. 

The new Meatless Farm range includes Meat Free Ground Mince, Meat Free Burgers and Meat Free Sausages at NZ$10.95 each. 

All the Meatless Farm products are available in the frozen section at select New World, PaknSave and FreshChoice supermarkets, as well as Robinson’s Market Store and the Aussie Butcher. The range is also available online at the Honest Grocer and can be found in Hell Pizza restaurants nationwide. 

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