Meet Smartcore at Fi Europe 2023

Introducing Smartcore, the best-in-class B2B food and nutrition marketing solutions partner for smarter digital campaigns that empower you to reach your buyers and drive business growth.

Rebranded from Food & Nutrition Marketing Services, Smartcore will make its official debut in Frankfurt, Germany at the highly anticipated Fi Europe 2023.

As the official digital marketing provider of Fi Europe, the entire Smartcore team will be present onsite and looks forward to meeting you at Sales Lounge 4.1FY01.

Smartcore’s invaluable data, including an extensive global network of over 360,000 ingredients buyers, unrivalled expertise in your prospects, datadriven insights, and specialised digital content channels set it apart from the rest.

This strong synergy translates into smarter solutions, custom-created to maximise your brand awareness, generate excellent-quality leads, and deliver greater returns on your investment and time. With Smartcore, you can reach your buyers with smarter digital campaigns and achieve real results.

Dimitrios Kales, head of marketing – digital products, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), Informa Markets, says, “Our journey has always been defined by a commitment to excellence, and this is a path we will steadfastly continue. The rebranding to Smartcore marks a bright and promising future for our customers and partners.”

Information Classification: General Smartcore invites you to visit Sales Lounge 4.1FY01 and engage with their team of marketing, sales, content, and digital specialists. Experience firsthand the transformative impact of their smarter digital campaigns.

“Our content strategy, underpinned by data-backed insights, aligns seamlessly with Smartcore’s dedication to smarter digital campaigns. Our proficient team of producers, editors, journalists, and project managers consistently delivers customised content that remains unwaveringly relevant and impactful. This ensures our customers have a distinctly tailored approach to their digital marketing needs,” said Angelique Cachia, senior content & digital director, Food & Nutrition, Informa Markets.

Matthew Colvan, commercial director digital, Smartcore at Informa Markets, adds, “Smartcore’s rebranding elevates our customer-centred strategy and strengthens our status as industry leaders. Our promise of utilising smarter digital marketing solutions positions our clients for success in a competitive industry.”

The Smartcore team will be at Fi Europe 2023, located at the Sales Lounge 4.1FY01.

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