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Meeting unique needs of customers

Earlee Products continue to build a reputation for developing innovative new solutions for food manufacturers.

Earlee Products continue to build a reputation for developing innovative new solutions for food manufacturers looking to value add.   

Earlee Products are specialists in the food industry, with technical expertise to help customers achieve the best outcomes when it comes to product quality, safety, compliance,  and better food outcomes every time. 

“The range of products within the product range include Dry premix blends (sausage and burger meals, dry rubs and glazes, injection systems, sprinkles, yield extension systems), Butter discs, Stuffing cores, Anti-microbial products, sauces / wet marinades, Baconvenience. 

Lea Reid, Research and Development manager, Earlee Products, said it was a critical part of the company’s approach, and success, to intrinsically understand the needs and goals of customers. 

“The first part of delivering “the brief” is accurately understanding it. No two briefs are the same and each customer comes with their own unique requirements,” said Reid. 

“We at Earlee Products, are all about building close relationships with our customers and understanding on a deeper level what our customers want to achieve and how they envision the end product to be.” 

Accurately understanding the goals and needs of customers’ is a critical part of Earlee Products approach and success. 

Whatever our customers are hoping to achieve, we are well equipped to assist them on that journey. 

“Whether that be more profit to the business, longevity on the shelf or eating quality, our chemists, food technicians, chefs and nutritionists have the knowledge and know how to make these a reality,” said Reid. 

“Even if customers are unsure of exactly what their final vision may be, we can assist by working closely with them to build the end vision. Earlee Products has over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

“As we are very experienced in the field, we are well placed to guide customers through concepts phase and advise on what will work and what won’t work.  We can help look at the product holistically.” 

Grant Rowe, senior product development chemist, Earlee Products provided an example of a meat manufacturer who may approach Earlee Products with a desire to achieve cost and nutritional targets together with a desire for yield improvement in the finished product. 

The team at Earlee have a full understanding of ingredient functionality and synergies to achieve the best outcome for the customer. 

“It’s critical in understanding the goals of each business because they all have different goals,” he said. 

“Whether that is more profit for the business, longevity on the shelf, eating quality, this forms part of the brief and part of our role as chemists and food technologists to establish what our customer’s goals are. 

“It’s not always about making more money; it might be about better eating quality or prioritising clean label. 

“Ideally everyone seeks good profitability but sometimes a premium product that is clean label and sustainable is what the customer is looking for.  

“We have access to a wide range of clean label ingredients and knowledge in application which ensures our customers can achieve their clean label targets.

“For example, we can make a wide range of products to suit a wide range of allergen declarations, clean label sausage and hamburger meals and clean label injections. 

“We understand how to maximise ingredient functionality to suit customer needs.”

Reid said the diverse and expert team at Earlee Products, which is made up of food chemists, food technologists, chefs, nutritionists, quality experts, logistics and processing specialists, means the company can tackle any problem in the space. 

Reid detailed how customers within the food and beverage space are always eager for a quick turnaround and a responsive industry partner to limit waiting times where possible. 

“Responsiveness is part of our core offering, we are highly reactive and get things moving quickly,” she said.

“Part of being able to turn around solutions quickly is a result of the diverse expert knowledge within the Earlee Products team. 

“It can be just a couple of days in discussion with the customer to work out what they want and that is when the development process can start with products samples ready assessment soon after.” 

Rowe echoed Reid’s sentiments about the importance of a diverse team. 

“Having the broad base of skills is imperative because not everybody has the expertise across all areas,” he said. 

“So, it is good to have a diverse team with strengths that complement each other.” 

Brett McMullen, group general manager, Earlee Products, said a diverse team also helped produce better solutions because of the multi-layered approach which is required. 

“There are multiple proprieties within new products,” he said.  

“We have chemists that look after formulation, food technologists that are aware of food standards and what applies, we have chefs who work with flavour development.

“As a group we understand how things must suit production with considerations such as scale up, packaging, bag size, etc.”  

McMullen said this was a big part of why Earlee Products offer bespoke solutions to customers. 

Legislation and compliance are also important consideration for new and existing products.  One of Earlee’s core values is quality, which is where we can assist our customers particularly in compliance with Food Standards of which we are highly skilled in. 

“Product trends are another important aspect of product development which is a passion of all team members,” said Reid. 

“A lot of times we are asked by customers what is trending.  Our knowledge base enables us to advise our customers on such.  Clean label and provenance are currently on trend. 

“We are seeing more requests from our customers on provenance. It is important to include ingredients where a story can be crafted for the end consumer.

“That is part of our role too, to source specific raw materials to suit the customer’s needs.” 

“There are multiple things we have to control that are important to different stakeholders and they vary a lot. That is why we do tailored outcomes because one size doesn’t fit all our customers,” added McMullen.

Providing a tailored response also means it’s important that the Earlee team keep on top of existing and emerging food trends, and this can be demonstrated through how the company sources its materials. 

“All Earlee’s suppliers are accredited and approved.  We have access to a wide range of ingredients, including larger suppliers as well as smaller bespoke suppliers, however if something is totally new, we can source through our network of suppliers,” said McMullen. 

“Whether that be for a new colour or new flavours, thickeners, stabilisers, inclusions etc.  

“We get visits from suppliers who are working on the cutting edge to show us new ingredients such as sugar and salt reduction ingredients.” 

Another service which Earlee Products provide its customers is a pilot trial room where new products can be tested without disrupting the customer’s manufacturing process. 

“We know how hard it is for manufacturers to stop for trials. In large manufacturing environments it is sometimes impossible to find holes in production schedules to conduct trials,” said Reid. 

Earlee’s trial room is a pilot plant consisting of small-scale machinery that replicates large equipment from manufacturing facilities. Equipment such as tumblers, injectors, ovens, mincer mixers, slicers and packaging equipment. They can also run trials in the pilot plant and troubleshoot new/existing products with our customers.

This is emblematic of the expert knowledge and services Earlee Products provides the industry when it comes to increasing quality, safety and compliance of food products.

The company encourages stakeholders to reach out and see how Earlee Products can achieve better food outcomes every time, tailored especially for you.

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