MEGATRANS2018 continues to gather steam

The event is shaping up as a must-attend event within the Australian and international supply chain. A number of companies which are of particular interest to food and beverage manufacturers have recently signed up as exhibitors.

For three days, from 10 to 12 May 2018, the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre will host the inaugural MEGATRANS2018. Delivered in partnership with the Victorian Government, the event will bring together the transport, logistics and supply chain sectors.

Some of the exhibitors which have recently signed up include:

ifm efector

The emergence of big data means that things like sensors have become key components of warehousing and logistics. Global sensor manufacturer ifm efector will be displaying a number of products that support these operations.

The company designs and manufactures instrumentation sensors for process control and automation, as well as a software suite, enabling companies to extract data from the factory floor send it to various medias and make it available on the cloud or on the premises.

Technical director Michael Pitschlitz noted that the event will provide a valuable opportunity for the company to reach key potential customers and gain exposure.

“We are not well known in the logistics industry,” he said. “We believe that MEGATRANS2018 will be a great platform to get into warehousing and logistics and showcase a new range of track-and-trace instrumentation and sensor products that we have been developing.

“We are excited to be involved in this event as it will expose us into this market and introduce us to new customers.”


In a similar vein Daanet, a maker of industrial automation products, will be part of the line-up.

As the authorised Australian distributor for a wide range of industrial product ranges, including Hirschmann’s range of Industrial Ethernet equipment, IDEM Safety Switches, B&R Automation products and more, the company brings not only a variety of unique products, but also strong experience to the show.

Daanet joins the diverse list of exhibitors signed up for the show, who cover everything from transport, logistics, warehousing solutions, materials handling, infrastructure and more.


SICK will be showcasing its range of complete system solutions for the logistics industry. Rather than simply providing individual components, the sensor manufacturer will offer a broad technology portfolio with suitable solutions for individual customer requirements. The company’s appearance will focus on Industry 4.0, digitisation of goods and real-time monitoring.

“SICK is excited to be present at MEGATRANS2018,” said Jason Mair national product and marketing manager SICK Australia/New Zealand. “During recent years digitalisation and networking in logistic processes in particular have crystallised into a major topic that SICK’s exhibition stand focuses on. For a sensor company like SICK this presents amazing opportunities that we look forward to exploring by partnering and collaborating with the industry to ensure that our customers are well placed and digitalised for the future.”

Advanced Robotics Australia

The fast-developing robotics field is sometimes cause for cause among those who believe it will lead to job losses.

The counter-argument to this fear is that robots will always require humans to control them. And far from causing job losses, robotics actually promises to grow industries, for example, by helping the supply chain run more effectively and improving the efficiency of transport and logistics.

Advanced Robotics Australia joins the growing list of manufacturing and logistics-oriented businesses already on board.

With extensive experience across a diverse range of industries and processes, the company offers unique solutions of automation and robotics technology and is well placed to engage with industry leaders in the supply chain and warehousing industry at MEGATRANS2018.

MEGATRANS2018: Take part in a Global Logistics Revolution