Melbourne-based premixed snack line now available in over 100 retailers

Since launching in May 2014, Melbourne-based, healthy, premixed, snack brand, Funch has seen rapid growth, expanding their product line from two to eight, and increasing their stockists to nearly 100 outlets, all within 15 months.

Funch is the brainchild of the locally born and bred, energetic and entrepreneurial duo, Tanya Duncan and Lisa Bourne.

“When Funch first hit the shelves we had to spend a lot of time explaining the concept,” Funch Co-founder, Lisa Bourne said.

“People weren’t expecting to find such a healthy, wholesome snack that tasted amazing and was simple to make. Back then, healthy snacks in this ‘premixed-make-it-at-home’ space didn’t exist.”

With a local organic health food store the first to give the Funch products a go, Lisa and Tanya spent hours standing in stores handing out samples and explaining just how simple the products were to make.

“In store tastings have been fundamental in the growth and uptake of the Funch range. We find that people are open to the Funch range once they’ve read the list of clean ingredients and taste just how delicious they are,” Lisa said.

Through Funch, Lisa and Tanya support people who are looking to make healthy food choices, but due to a lack of skill, knowledge, confidence and time, need an easy and convenient option.

“Funch is all about supporting people like us who are doing their best to make healthy choices so all of our ingredients have a health offering. We want each of our products to bring benefits that stretch well beyond an amazing taste,” Lisa said.

 “The Funch line is a reflection of the everyday need that myself, and so many others have, to keep our diets healthy while within the constraints of a busy lifestyle,” Tanya said.



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