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Merger creates a new global era in biosolutions

Chr. Hansen and Novozymes have merged to create to create a new and truly global biosolutions company, Novonesis.

In the bustling landscape of biosolutions, a monumental global merger between Chr. Hansen and Novozymes, forming Novonesis, brings together a new level of expertise and innovation.

What emerged was not just a company but a vision, a vision for better business, healthier lives, and a
healthier planet.

“We are very excited to announce to the food & beverage industry across Australia and New Zealand that Chr. Hansen and Novozymes have joined forces to create Novonesis. Leveraging over a century of combined enzymatic and microbial expertise, the combination of these two market-leading companies aspires to unlock biology’s full potential,” said country manager Kylie Evans. 

“And importantly, our commitment to the Australian food and beverage industry remains unchanged.”

The narrative of Novonesis is one of balance, aiming to strike a balance between commerce and conscience. Half of the company’s portfolio is dedicated to enabling healthier lives and producing better foods, while the other half focuses on reducing chemical use and championing climate-neutral practices. 

It’s a blueprint for sustainable growth, and a testament to the power of purpose-driven innovation in the modern world, especially for food and beverage manufacturing. 

A key example of this is Novonesis’ range of ‘tiny but mighty’ enzymes and microbes designed to provide a string of benefits from extending shelf life, to improving nutritional profiles to deliver novel health benefits. 

This approach is ideal for an evolving food and beverage space as consumer demands around the ingredients and health benefits of some foods continues to evolve. 

Novonesis is aware of these demands and with a global presence, aims to help customers meet the needs and demands of their specific market. 

“We will also continue to support our customers wherever they are,” added Evans.

“We will continue to work side by side with them to optimise their processes, and help develop products to delight their consumers, and minimise impact on the planet.”

But beyond the boardrooms and balance sheets lies a deeper commitment, a commitment to sustainability that reinforces Novonesis’ ethos. 

From ambitious targets for carbon neutrality to initiatives promoting gender diversity, the company is charting a course towards a more equitable and eco-conscious future.

As the dust settles on the merger, attention turns to the road ahead. 

From the boardroom to the laboratory, from the executive suite to the factory floor, Novonesis is powered by a diverse and dedicated workforce united by a common purpose.

At its core, Novonesis is more than a company — it’s a story of collaboration and creativity, of science and sustainability intertwining to help benefit key industries.

“For example, our transformative biosolutions toolkit, encompassing cultures and enzymes, combined with our technical expertise and support network, enable our customers to create products with great taste, texture, and health benefits, while unlocking yield improvements and process optimisation. All without artificial ingredients,” said Evans. 

With each breakthrough, each discovery, the company moves closer to its vision of a world transformed by the power of biology, and this merger has strengthened that approach. 

One example of the extension of solutions offered from the merger can be seen with Novonesis’ dairy department. 

“Within Dairy we now have an even broader range to help you create a signature flavour and texture naturally, optimise health and shelf life, improve whey quality, and get more from less milk in a cost-efficient way,” said Evans. 

“A wide range of food cultures are available to create salami and BioProtective cultures for meat and prepared foods. Texture, flavour, and consistency may be improved in plant-based foods and dairy alternatives. 

“We can give our support in creating baked goods that taste and look great, and stay fresh throughout shelf-life, while in beverage we can help craft and protect flavour and aroma in beer and wine and improve yield, clarity, stability and colour in juice. Process and yield optimisation can also be achieved across grain and starch and oils and fat processing.   

“And once again, all without artificial ingredients.” 

Ester Baiget, president and CEO of Novonesis, echoed the positive outlook of Evans. 

“We have successfully combined Novozymes and Chr. Hansen and today we come together as one leading global biosolutions partner. Novonesis combines our joint strengths and the wonders of biology,” she said. 

“And we are set to lead a new era of biosolutions. 

“We will innovate and develop transformative biosolutions that improve the way we all produce, consume, and live.” 

Baiget was also full of praise for the expansive team of experts who now fall under the Novonesis banner. 

“We have gathered the brightest minds and together with my 10,000 colleagues, we will unlock the limitless potential of biosolutions. 

Meanwhile, Novonesis chairman, Cees de Jong, said the new merger has created a truly global solutions provider for the food and beverage industry. 

“We will continue to create powerful biosolutions for our customers and partners based on more than 100 years of innovation and application expertise,” he said. 

“Together, we will serve as a growth partner to our customers, a value creator to our shareholders, and a company that has a significant, positive impact on society and the planet.” 

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