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Metcash joins Australian Food Pact to combat food waste

Metcash, the supporter of over 1,600 independently owned supermarket stores, has recently become a signatory to the Australian Food Pact.

Executive general manager of Merchandise at Metcash Food, Estella Young, highlighted the significance of this initiative to support communities, conserve resources, and combat climate change.

“This partnership with the Australian Food Pact marks a major step in the national effort to end food waste.”

“Our stores and team members have already made significant strides, partnering with Foodbank since 2010 and supporting Food for Change, providing close to 2.5 million meals last year to those in need,” said Young.

In Australia, 29 million meals go to waste daily.

Leading Australian food businesses are uniting to address this crisis through the Australian Food Pact.

CEO of End Food Waste Australia, Dr. Steven Lapidge said that “Food waste is a 7.6 million tonne and $36.6 billion challenge in Australia.”

“The Australian Food Pact represents a commitment to both people and the planet, aiming for a food waste-free Australia. We welcome Metcash to the Pact and appreciate their dedication to the goal of halving food waste by 2030,” said Lapidge.

Since its launch in October 2021, the Australian Food Pact has garnered support from 37 organisations that are all committed to taking action against food waste.

These organisations include Mars, Unilever, Simplot, McCain Foods, Goodman Fielder, TipTop, Coles, and Woolworths.

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