me&u debuts ‘Engage’: A game-changer for venue marketing and loyalty

Leading global hospitality and tap, order, pay technology firm, me&u, unveils an expansion to their hospitality ecosystem with me&u engage.

Leading global hospitality and tap, order, pay technology firm, me&u, unveils an expansion to their hospitality ecosystem with ‘me&u Engage‘ – a tool set to transform venue marketing by providing deeper customer insights and unlocking new revenue streams.

Developed in partnership with global SaaS leader Eagle Eye, me&u Engage is an omnichannel loyalty, promotions and subscription platform set to influence customer behaviour along the path to purchase, helping to drive incremental spend from both new and existing customers.

With me&u Engage, venues can streamline customer lifecycle management, with a unified view of the customer journey, impact on revenue and return on marketing investment. Engage sits as part of me&u’s new suite of Influence tools, which help venues connect with their customers across the customer lifecycle journey.

Using Engage, venues can now target customer groups on and off premise via the channel of their choice, whether that be social, eDM, SMS, poster or digital. The tool helps with the claim and redemption flow, with full attribution analysis to understand the path to purchase, channel performance, campaign impact and ensure continuous optimisation.

Key benefits of me&u Engage:

● Drive incremental revenue – Increase footfall and customer spend by engaging customers on and off premise with personalised deals, offers and loyalty promotions.

● Seamless campaign management – Engage customers with personalised campaigns at scale, with the right content in the right channels.

● Full campaign attribution – Campaign reporting provides channel performance, ROI and attribution insights to help venues test, learn and optimise.

● Drive customer loyalty – Increase marketing opt-ins and drive customer loyalty using data to incentivise customer segments.

Available now via me&u Engage is Targeted Promotions, enabling venues to efficiently manage large-scale promotions, like those aimed at encouraging an additional order or another visit. Soon to be introduced is Stamp Cards, a digital loyalty card to foster repeated visits and reward customer loyalty. More functionalities will be added as time progresses.

me&u CEO Katrina Barry said, “Historically, me&u’s product suite has helped hospitality businesses serve, operate and manage their customers and venues.”

“Engage is part of our Influence suite of products to help them market to their customers, giving venues a deeper insight into their customers and opening up new revenue streams.”

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