MHE-Demag dock levellers focus on safety and efficiency

Getting from point A to point B needs to be done quickly, but safely to ensure workers are not harmed and products are not damaged.

One large international soft drink manufacturing company ensured its new distribution site near Brisbane had a safety focus with the help of loading bay solutions from MHE-Demag.

MHE-Demag’s loading bays provide a bridge to load trucks in logistic hubs, food and beverage manufacturing outlets, hotels, hospitals and many other outlets.

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Using dock levellers promotes the safety of the goods and operators, facilitating loading and unloading operations efficiently.

Bridge to safety

MHE-Demag’s managing director Vince DiCostanzo said the GATOR dock leveller range rises and lowers to the height requirement of the user for maximum safety and smooth transition during loading and unloading processes.

“On top of the GATOR’s standard features and functions we offer a range of ancillary products to customise loading bay requirements,” said DiCostanzo.

Optional upgrades can include independent lip control, automatic return to dock feature and standard full-range telescopic toe guards ensure that feet and equipment are not accidentally jammed under the decks.

Fall-safe rupture valves also ensure the dock is maintained at level if a truck accidentally departs while the GATOR dock leveller is engaged.

The dock levellers also have available a remote control system, which is customised to all needs, said DiCostanzo.

“There can be up to 100 dock workers working on one control.” Solutions range from standalone control boxes to interlocking systems of docking equipment. “Users then have more control over the dock,” said DiCostanzo.

The features help make it a more convenient and safe product than others on the market, he said.

MHE-Demag’s signals, signs and traffic lights can further help safe loading processes within the dock.

A solution for all

MHE-Demag GATOR dock levellers are installed in pits, on frame or on ramps, depending on the layout of a loading bay.

Pit style dock levellers are mounted inside a purpose built concrete pit and flushed to the floor level of the loading bay when parked. This allows smooth cross-traffic of forklifts.

Frame supported dock levellers work when a concrete pit is not possible. Supported with a sturdy steel frame, the dock levellers are projected out from the loading bay.

Dock levellers on concrete or steel ramps are an option when a facility does not have a loading bay or when there is insufficient space available in the loading bay.

“The GATOR dock leveller is making its way through Australia and while a number of installations are still happening at the moment, we are happy and proud to say that we have completed a major project with an international beverage manufacturer due to the distinct product features,” said DiCostanzo.

Along with options for dock levellers that suit any company’s needs, MHE-Demag also offers easy installation and maintenance services and training to ensure the equipment is used correctly.

MHE-Demag solely supplied docks to the large beverage manufacturer, but it also offers full loading bay solutions.

The company has supplied overhead cranes and material handling equipment to many Australian companies.

With the dock leveller extending MHE-Demag’s product portfolio, customers can expect the same quality and level of service as with the cranes.


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