Mil Lel launches deli quality grana cheese wedges

The new Mil Lel wedges reflect the strong growth in, and increasing consumer demand for emerging cheese varieties, such as parmesan, bocconcini, haloumi, fetta, brie and camembert, which are all now becoming a part of Australians’ regular cheese consumption.

This highlights that Australian consumers are widening their cheese repertoire from just cheddar, particularly at home where parmesan and other varieties are increasingly being used and are no longer just reserved for restaurant dining.

This also ties into another consumer trend — the rise of home entertaining in general.

A survey conducted by Mil Lel found that one in four Australians said they’d prefer to stay at home instead of dine out as they can create a gourmet meal themselves at a fraction of the cost.

This is no doubt a result of popular celebrity TV chefs — Gordon Ramsay, Bill Granger, Matt Moran and Nigella Lawson — who are inspiring at-home cooks to create their own gourmet, restaurant quality dishes.

According to Dairy Farmers general manager of marketing and innovation, John Wardley, “we are excited to launch the new Mil Lel grana wedges in supermarkets, and respond to the trend of home entertaining and Australians’ increased cheese repertoire by offering this gourmet product range.”

The new Mil Lel wedges an extension of Mil Lel’s range of premium, Italian style cheeses, which have won extensive Australian and international awards. Handcrafted and cut straight from the wheel, the wedges are available in the same varieties — Romano, Parmesan, Pecorino and Parmesan style with Pepper.

Mil Lel grana cheese wedges are available through selected Coles, Woolworths, Franklins and independent supermarkets in the following varieties:

  • Extra Aged Parmesan (RRP: $5.99)
  • Romano (RRP: $5.99)
  • Pecorino (RRP: $5.99)
  • Parmesan style with Pepper (RRP: $5.99)
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