Milk without permeate

In response to consumer concerns over the dilution of milk by permeate, a by-product of milk processing, A2 Dairy Products Australia confirms that the company does not dilute a2 Milk™ with permeate or any other liquids or solids.

On 21 April, Channel Nine’s A Current Affair aired a show which accused Australia’s major milk manufacturing companies of using permeate to dilute their milk.

A2 Milk™ is not genetically modified, is free from additives and is rich in A2 beta casein, the original form of the beta casein protein contained in cow’s milk. Studies suggest that milk containing high levels of this protein type may help some people further realize the benefits offered by milk’s many nutritional components.

Most milk available today contains a combination of A1 and A2 — a2 Milk™ is the only milk available in Australia which contains the highest certified and naturally occurring levels of A2.

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