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Minimising Australian food waste

Saveful, an app helping Australian families save money and reduce waste, has partnered with Rabobank for World Environment Day to launch the 2024 Waste Stats.

According to the latest National Food Waste Strategy Feasibility Study, Australians waste over $19.3 billion on food waste, enough to feed over 2 million households.

With the rising cost of living affecting Australian families, Saveful has introduced innovative ways to create delicious dishes while encouraging households to be mindful of the environmental impact of food waste.

By delivering a personalised user experience and flexible meal framework, Saveful equipped busy households with the ability to build long-term home cooking habits simply and conveniently.

Kim McDonnell, Saveful’s CEO, said she was excited by the partnership’s impact on helping families cut costs and prevent food waste.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Rabobank and value their commitment to helping families to save food and money, whilst connecting the farm to fork message.

The app also includes a number of food and farm fun facts provided by Rabobank to help Australians understand and appreciate the effort and resources that go into creating our food,” said Mcdonnel.

In addition, the 2024 Food Waste Stats provides users an effective in-app searching tool, assisting home chefs in prolonging the life of on-hand ingredients and creating substitute dishes.

Rabobank’s senior brand and engagement manager, Kimberley Silva, said the company wants to help consumers maximise their food waste and save money.

“We are committed to helping Aussies understand how food gets from farm to fork and tackling the global food waste challenge together,” said Silva.

This collaboration is aimed at empowering Australian families to make more sustainable choices and support local agribusinesses, while fostering a deeper appreciation for the journey food takes from farm to fork.

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