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Minus 196 doubles down in Australia with new flavour

Off the back of the phenomenally successful 2021 launch of -196 Double Lemon, which came in as the number one RTD launch in the past five years1, Beam Suntory is cementing its position as leader in the Australian RTD market with the introduction of a new SKU this October, -196 Double Grape.

The decision for Beam to add to its -196 portfolio locally was affirmed by several market trends including a desire for light RTD high ABV drinks, which is growing in value at +52 per cent vs LY, which is 3.5x faster than light RTDs with a regular ABV <5 per cent.

-196 Double Grape will offer a vibrantly flavoured and unmistakably Japanese taste, and is slated to reach shelves across all major retailers nationally by late October 2022.

Utilising Suntory’s proprietary Freeze Crush Infusion TechnologyTM like its lemon counterpart, -196 Double Grape takes whole grapes frozen in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196°C and pulverizes them to capture all the sourness, sweetness and aroma of the fruit and natural flavours.

This powder is then soaked in shochu and vodka – creating an extreme, fresh-flavoured grape drink topped with refreshing soda water.

The vibrant and fizzy RTD offers 0 grams of sugar and 112 calories per can without compromising any flavour and is forecast to prove popular amongst the target consumer who continues to seek out better-for-you options, that has seen in Sugar Free RTD $ value growing +29 per cent vs YA2.

With Strong Zero continuing as Suntory’s number one premix in Japan3 and the consistent performance of -196 Double Lemon in Australia, Beam Suntory says they are continuing their investment in both RTDs and in ‘Brand Japan’ to set the brand up for continued success.

“Beam Suntory is in a unique position with the popularity of Strong Zero and now -196 within our Australian target consumer, and with that, we plan to cement our leadership role in bringing authentic and unmistakably Japanese flavours to this market,” says Beam Suntory marketing director, Trent Chapman.

“We couldn’t be more excited for the launch of -196 Double Grape ahead of the key summer period and are confident this flavour will translate in the Australian market – both with those familiar with the original Strong Zero Double Grape in Japan, as well as our new local -196 fans.”

-196 Double Grape is set to reach the shelves of all major liquor retailers from late October 2022.

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