‘Miracle’ quail eggs outed as sham in CHOICE’s Shonky Awards

Quail eggs that were marketed as a cure to male impotence, hair loss and type 1 diabetes have been given the highest – or lowest – honours at consumer watchdog CHOICE’s annual Shonky Awards.

The awards, which “name and shame the shonkiest rip-offs and shoddiest products in Australia” also recognised dodgy insurance companies dealing with the Queensland floods, a slimming product that was apparently tested by doctors and a Chinese-made car with roof racks that, according to a concealed sticker, are for “cosmetic purpose only.”

The quail eggs did seem to good to be true, considering they claimed to cure high cholesterol, tuberculosis, “Chernobyl style excessive radiation,” kidney stones, wrinkles and more.

CHOICE’s research found that not a single clinical trial had been conducted to prove any of the claims, nor were they listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

You can view all the products deemed the shonkiest by CHOICE, including underpants that claim to cure cellulite and an “energy-saving” plug that actually does nothing at all on its website.


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