Modular S80-T80 liquid analysers

The family of modular S80-T80 Liquid Analysers from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) is designed to provide engineers and managers with the process data they need to obtain and maintain a wide range of global, regional and local quality, environmental, safety and other certifications, as well as achieve government regulatory operational compliance.

The ECD instrumentation portfolio is covered by international certifications for CSA, FM, IECEx and ATEX with various hazardous location type design approvals available.

ECD’s S80 Sensors measure pH, ORP, pION, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity or resistivity in liquid processes.  They are suitable for application in many industries including: bio-tech, chemical, food/beverage, pharmaceutical, power generation, semiconductor, water disinfection, wastewater treatment and more.

S80 Sensors feature two universal sensor designs: (1) Insertion/Submersion or (2) Valve Retractable with flared end to prevent blow out.

The standard S80 Sensors are manufactured with a rugged 0.75-inch OD 316 stainless steel body and come with varying cable lengths or an optional waterproof detachable cable assembly.

The design of the S80 Sensors recognizes the universal T80 Transmitter for automatic configuration set-up.  They can be combined into a complete plug-and-play analyser system for any of the available measurement parameters. The S80 Sensors are ready for direct in line pipe insertion, submersion, or open tank applications. The sensors contain a replaceable electrode design. Only the electrode needs to be replaced, not the complete sensor.

The T80 Universal Transmitter is a single channel device designed for the continuous measurement of multiple parameters in a general-purpose industrial environment. It communicates with any pre-calibrated S80 sensor and automatically configures the transmitter’s menus and display screens to the measured parameter. With the T80’s auto configuration capability to any of the available sensor measurements, there is no longer any need to inventory multiple instrument types.

The T80 Universal Transmitter offers membrane switch navigation, a menu structure with soft key menu choices and a 2.75-x-1.5-inch LCD display. It is available with 4-20 mA output with MODBUS RTU on 24 Vdc and 110/220 Vac instruments. The T80 also can be configured with optional HART 7 communications and an optional three alarm relay.


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