Mondelez International and CSIRO to speak at AIP technical dinner

The Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP) in conjunction with the Surface Coating Association of Australia (SCAA) will be holding a technical dinner featuring speakers from Mondelēz International and the CSIRO.

Nicolas Georges, director premium chocolate and dairy, research and development Asia Pacific – Mondelēz International’s presentation will be on “What if the Silicon Valley of food manufacturing was in Australia?”

The presentation will be focusing on sustainable growth and the notion of harnessing Australia’s talent, opportunity and innovation capabilities in order to create new possibilities and underpin healthy growth prospects.

The presentation will address Australia’s limited access to talent, opportunity and innovation and propose a plan for stakeholders, universities, government industry and research institutes to openly collaborate with urgency to take Australia’s food industry to the next level and beyond.

Kraft Foods, (now Mondelēz International) in partnership with the Victorian Government, have decided to initiate the first steps in making this plan of fostering Australia's talent into reality.

Philip Casey, research program leader (polymers) CSIRO will be discussing; ‘As the world moves towards coping with resource constrained economies, organisations will find it imperative to adapt to this wave of change as it will increasingly define their competitive boundaries.’

Casey will talk about the importance of shifting towards smarter and more sustainable materials.

He will also discuss the multi-faceted aspects of global megatrends, consumer needs and regulatory trends together with sustainability in materials and materials technology development from the perspective of:

  • High performance and smart function
  • Lifecycle issues including degradability, biodegradability and recyclability
  • Strategies for sustainable manufacturing

The talk will take place on Wednesday 2nd of October at Box Hill Golf Club, Box Hill Victoria. 


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