More in the cold store with a Combi-WR

More in the cold store with a Combi-WR

The use of Pedestrian stacker and automated racking systems has the capacity to maximise space for producers and manufacturers. Food & Beverage Industry News reports.

Warehouse space does not come cheap, but for companies that store frozen and chilled products, the costs per ft2 are even higher compared to ambient facilities.

Maximising capacity should therefore be a priority in the existing footprint as well as in new builds, and this is exactly what Jordan International Transport set out to do with the design of its new purpose-built storage facility in Moy, Northern Ireland.

From there the company transports frozen and chilled fish and seafood to all of Ireland, and several countries around the world including mainland Europe.

Growth was a major driver for the decision to build the warehouse and switch to a new system, which aimed to maximise space and achieve greater output.

In the initial planning stages, Storage and Distribution Manager Barry McIlvanna spoke to materials handlings specialist Combilift to identify the most suitable equipment to combine with an automated racking system provided by Sperrin Metal.

The Combilift Combi-WR pedestrian stacker was the solution which has enabled substantially more pallets to be stored in a greatly condensed area while reducing working aisle widths.

A further consideration was to improve the ratio of stored products and the amount of space needed to access them, as McIlvanna explains: “The freezer system has to work just as hard to cool the relatively unproductive areas set aside for access.

With standard racking and conventional forklifts such as the counterbalance and pallet trucks we were previously using, only about half of the space could be used for storage. With the new system, this has risen to 85 per cent so our freezer circuit can operate much more efficiently and therefore more cost effectively.”

In common with all of Combilift’s pedestrian trucks, the Combi-WR features the unique, patented and award-winning multi-position tiller arm which enables the operator to remain at the side of the unit rather than the rear.

“The operator’s position with this pedestrian version allows a greater level of control over the products when moving them around and as you have full visibility of the loads, the forks and the surroundings it’s safer for operators and other staff nearby, particularly when working in our narrow aisles and tight spaces,” said McIlvanna.

As well as enabling an almost doubling of pallet density, the performance of the electric powered stacker, even in the demanding cold store environment, has been exemplary according to McIlvanna.

“It’s perfect for our set up. Working at -18 degrees over a few hours it never misses a beat,” said McIlvanna.

“We were initially concerned whether a truck could work equally effectively in such cold temperatures compared to normal conditions, but the team at Combilift had all the right specifications and solutions.”

“Quick accessibility to products, adhering to deadlines and guaranteeing a high level of service have kept us at the top of our game for over 25 years,” added McIlvanna.

“We believe being the best means using the best equipment available – and that’s what we have with the Combi-WR. I am sure that any future growth will involve more of Combilift’s products.”

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