More shocking live export footage released

The ABC has aired more footage from the infamous Four Corners story about cruelty in Indonesian abattoirs.

The footage, originally aired last year, attracted extensive public outrage over the inappropriate slaughter of live export sent from Australia, and led to Prime Minister Julia Gillard to ban the practise.

The ban has since been lifted, but the latest footage, showing workers slitting the throats of cattle without first stunning them and cutting of their heads while they’re still moaning, has ignited renewed calls from the Australian Greens to ban the practise once and for all.

"We don’t have confidence in the present system," Greens senator Lee Rhiannon told ABC Television on Wednesday.

Despite reports last week showing that a ban on live exports would significantly impact Western Australia – the biggest live exporting state – Rhiannon said a total ban would not cause economic harm in Australia because local abattoirs would reopen.

Live exports chief executive Alison Penfold agreed that while the footage is indeed disturbing, Rhiannon’s comments are naïve.

"There are big economic benefits to people right across northern Australia," she told ABC Radio.

"There is a process to identify, isolate and fix any activities that do not meet the standards of the new regulatory framework.

"And the industry and exporters are committed to take corrective activity if (an) investigation finds that needs to be done."

Officials are investigating whether the cattle in the latest footage were exported from Australia.

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