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Mother Earth Natural Peanut Butter range

Product Name: Mother Earth Natural Peanut Butter range; Crunchy, Smooth, Chia Seed Blend and LSA Blend.

Product Manufacturer: Prolife Foods

Launch date: February 2016

Ingredients: Crunchy & Smooth Natural peanut butter – Hi-Oleic peanuts (99.5%), Salt
Chia Seed Blend peanut butter- Hi-Oleic peanuts (89.5%), Chia Seeds (10%), Salt
LSA Blend peanut butter – Hi-Oleic peanuts (89.5%), LSA (Linseed, Sunflower Seed & Almonds 10%), Salt

Shelf Life: 12 months, except LSA which is 9 months

Packaging: 380g tubs

Product Manager: Caroline Potter

Country of origin: Made in New Zealand from Australian Hi-Oleic peanuts. Note, if supply is short the same peanuts are sourced from Argentina.

Brand Website: https://Motherearthfoods.com.au

Describe the product: Natural peanut butter made with Hi-Oleic peanuts which have a high level of healthier monosaturated fats than standard peanuts. The range also has no preservatives, or added oils or sugars.

Contact Email: caroline_cottrill@tangopr.com.au

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