Mother proves successful for coke

Coca-Cola Australia has revealed details of how energy drink Mother has been performing since its relaunch in July this year.

In three months, new Mother has snapped up over 13% market share and secured a 70% conversion to repeat purchase, well exceeding prelaunch expectations.

The high conversation from trial to repeat indicates the new taste is proving popular with energy drinkers.

Targeted at 18-34 year old Australian men, the relaunch was spearheaded by a campaign that poked fun at the old formulation and heralded a new era for Mother with its completely new taste and bigger, more potent energy kick.

The can design carried very clear messaging about the change — ‘New. Tastes nothing like the old one!’ and ‘Mother of all energy kicks.’

Coca-Cola South Pacific president, Gareth Edgecombe, said that “we’ve been overwhelmed with the response to Mother especially given that there was a level of scepticism around when we announced plans to relaunch.

“It now looks like our persistence is working and we have a winning combination to compete robustly in this important category. We will continue to support the mother brand and grow it further in 2009.”

The energy drink category for 2008 is estimated to be 57million Litres (growth of 14%) and worth $696m (growth of 13%).

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