Motion solutions: Your ultimate one-stop shop

Motion solutions: Your ultimate one-stop shop

Motion is transforming the food and beverage and packaging industry with its extensive range of solutions available under a single banner.

From fluid transfer and sealing to power transmission, bearings, belts, and engineering, Motion simplifies how customers do business with them, greatly improving their ability to meet industrial needs and stay ahead of the game.

Motion has several brands under its umbrella, including AIP, BSC, CBC, CRAM, Hardy Spicer, Seal Innovations, Sealing Solutions, Hose Supplies Pacific and many more, guaranteeing that customers have access to a broad range of high-quality products and services.

This ensures that customers can find everything they require in one place, adding convenience and ease.


Bearings keep the food and beverage packaging industry rolling, as the best quality ensures optimal performance and efficiency of machinery such as conveyor belts, bottling machines, and filling equipment.

Motion boasts unparalleled expertise in this area, offering a vast selection of bearings to help reduce downtime, boost productivity, and achieve regulatory compliance, making them an invaluable partner for companies seeking to improve their operations.

This knowledge also includes bearing maintenance, because customers can have the best bearings in the world but need to know how to keep them in good shape.


Belts play a crucial role in the food and beverage packaging industry by transporting, sorting, and packaging a wide range of products.

However, poor quality belts can lead to hygiene concerns, inefficiencies, compliance issues, and inferior product quality. This is where Motion’s belt solutions shine.

Motion’s belt suppliers offer a range of options from good quality to gold standard, ensuring customers are spoiled for choice with their selection. Belts purchased from Motion are guaranteed to convey excellence.


Motion’s team of skilled engineers offers an end-to-end service that ensures customers’ machine troubles are engineered out of existence. They have extensive knowledge and experience in various industries, enabling them to offer expert advice and support to customers at every stage of the process.

From identifying problems to providing customised solutions and carrying out maintenance and repairs, Motion engineers are a one-stop-shop for customers.

This approach ensures that customers can rely on Motion’s team to see the job through to completion, streamlining the process and reducing downtime. Flick to Motion’s engineering articles to get a flavour of the excellent service they are offering.

Motion’s wide range of solutions stretches from the food and beverage packaging industry and beyond. From high-quality bearings and belts to expert engineering services, Motion’s team is well-equipped to meet the unique demands of various industries.

With a focus on quality, reliability, and customer service, Motion prides itself on delivering effective solutions throughout. Whether it’s a complex engineering challenge or a simple replacement part, Motion’s team is committed to delivering the best possible service to its customers.

Don’t let machinery come to a grinding halt – Contact Motion today for excellent industrial solutions and unparalleled engineering expertise.

Motion highlights

  1. High-quality products: Motion offers excellent solutions across the board.
  2. Engineering expertise: Motion’s skilled engineers provide expert support and can optimise equipment for peak performance.
  3. Comprehensive services: Motion offers a full range of services from product selection to maintenance and repair.
  4. Competitive pricing: Despite offering top-quality products and services, Motion’s pricing is competitive.
  5. Trust and reliability: Motion is a trusted supplier known for its reliability and dedication to customer service.

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