Moving food for greater good

Mrs Crocket’s Fast and Fresh has donated over $56,000 worth of food to NSW charities since the beginning of 2008.

The company, which manufactures pre-prepared wet and leafy salads, risottos and soups, donates the food which no longer has enough shelf life to be sold in supermarkets.

Mrs Crocket’s MD, Robert Spurway, said the company was overwhelmed by the need in the community.

“Since January this year we have donated an average of $7000 per month worth of ‘must move food’ — food close to its expiry date — to various charities several times a week and there is unfortunately massive demand for it,” he said.

“This food would otherwise be thrown out but is instead donated to local charities and is completely safe to eat.

“The added benefit for charities is that the food is absolutely free — the only costs they incur are transport related to delivering the food to the needy,” Spurway said.

He said some NSW charities collected food donations up to three times per week.

“Most people are very unaware of the amount of people living on the streets or in emergency refuge shelters but when you see charities arrive to pick up food donations several times a week, week after week, you realise how much of a great need there is out there.

“At Mrs Crocket’s we have had the privilege of donating extra food stock to local charities such as Oz Harvest and Ronald McDonald house.”

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