Mrs Obama partners with US food retailers to tackle child obesity

Posted by Rita Mu

The US first lady, Michelle Obama, has launched a campaign with major food retailers to increase the number of stores offering healthy food in the US.

Mrs Obama said “food deserts” – regions across the country offering few fresh and nutritious foods – were a reason for the US obesity crisis, which currently affects one in five children, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

”We can give people all the information and advice in the world about healthy eating and exercise, but if parents can’t buy the food they need to prepare those meals because their only options for groceries are the gas station or the local mini-mart, then all that is just talk,” Mrs Obama said.

Major food retailers pledged to open more than 1500 shops over the next five years to sell fresh, nutritious foods in communities that are currently underserved, the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

The fight against ”food deserts” is part of Mrs Obama’s ”Let’s Move” campaign, which aims to reduce the rate of childhood obesity in the US.

”There’s a reason why we set a goal that every family in every community in America would have access to fresh, healthy, affordable food,” Mrs Obama said.

”’Let’s Move’ is about giving parents real choices about the food their kids are eating.

”If a parent wants to pack a piece of fruit in a child’s lunch, if a parent wants to add some lettuce for a salad at dinner, they shouldn’t have to take three city buses, or pay some expensive taxi, to go to another community to make that possible,” she said.

Image: obesityhelp101.com

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