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Mueso muesli

Product name: Mueso

Product manufacturer: Mueso

Ingredients: coconut, puffed quinoa, triticale oats, barberry, goji berry, cinnamon, utmeg, diced apples, dig, almond, walnut, coconut sugar

Shelf life: 6 months

Packaging: clear stand up pouch

Product manager:  Victoria Wein

Brand website: https://mueso.com.au

What the company says
Mueso is the latest trending Melbourne made muesli to fill up bowls nationwide! Mueso offers a unique blend of ingredients to tantalise taste buds, some of the ingredients include: caramelised figs, coconut sugar, antioxidant filled goji berries, tritcale oats and even barberries.

Mueso is the brainchild of local food enthusiast Victoria Wein who has been working on Mueso in her home kitchen in order to find the perfect blend and bring forth a new player to the muesli market.

The company has been established to provide a high quality product. All the ingredients in the 500 gram pouch have all been sourced from the best supplier; one of the suppliers is from Western Australia. Additionally, Mueso will be ensuring that from each packet sold, they will be giving back to the local community.

The company is going to be giving back through the use of crowdsourcing initiatives. Their website (www.mueso.com.au) is providing a means for people to email in suggestions about how and where Mueso should help those in need. The company’s primary focus is to provide Mueso during the most important meal of the day, breakfast! They want to ensure people are being fed a wholesome and delicious breakfast.


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