Mum knows best for supermarket products

In an Australian supermarket first, Coles has developed a national online forum of mothers who test its house brand products against leading brands.

Formed in 2008 with 700 mums, the panel has grown dramatically to now comprise 2,500 mothers providing vital feedback to ensure Coles products are of the highest quality.

With more shoppers turning to housebrands during these tight economic times, the Mums’ Panel tests Coles’ branded products and provides its insight back into the business.

Coles uses this feedback to continually improve its housebrand products and ensure shoppers are getting a quality offer at a great price.

Coles Marketing Director Joe Blundell said the Mums’ Panel is another example of Coles’ commitment to listen to its customers.

“We have to understand our customers’ needs. The Mums’ Panel is a great way for us to get their views and ensure our products on shelf have passed the toughest quality test of all, as well as delivering great value,” he said.

Mums’ Panel have been reviewing two products a week since the program began, and are expected to have reviewed about 1800 products by the end of 2010.

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