Murray Goulburn Cooperatives installs an integrated risk management tool

Australia’s largest manufacture of dairy products, Murray Goulburn Cooperative (MGC) has installed a risk management tool from Icon Global Link (IGL), which will help manage the company’s food safety plan across the six Victoria sites and the Tasmanian facility.

The ISES Operation Risk Management tool is IGL’s flagship suite of software, which helps provide a platform in managing risk. Put simply, the programme sets out a method for systematically identifying, monitoring and managing risks from the delivery of source materials, right across the operation process.

A flowchart module maps all processes; each risk type to be assessed is described in detail; and then each risk type is assessed against each process, which identifies each critical risk to be managed. This framework allows for the description of risk monitoring, record keeping, prevention and corrective actions.

Using ISES also enables timely responses to day-to-day quality and risk problems, allows pro-active and evidence-based identification of opportunities for process improvement and facilitates a consistent approach to risk assessment and documentation.

The programme incorporates a range of risk management functionality within one system that can be then applied across multiple sites: flowcharts, decision trees, critical control point and hazard tables, reports and document control. Moreover, once installed ISES has the flexibility to manage different product lines and various risk systems.

By using this system, MGC have created a consistent framework for practitioners as well as for operators, providing plan visibility throughout the organisation. Residing on a secure SQL server and operating over a wide area network (with varying speeds), ISES has allowed site autonomy and the ability to share data and plans.

MGC has rolled out ISES Operational Risk Management tool across their seven manufacturing sites and two distribution centres to manage all of the organisation’s food safety plans. IGL initially worked with the MGC sites to migrate all plans from a 3×3 to a 5×5 customisable risk assessment matrix (based on Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZ:4360 /ISO22000 /ISO31000). IGL then converted existing plan data from Microsoft Word, Excel and HEAT into ISES via the ISES MConverter module, thus not losing any of the work that had been developed over the years.

The MGC team had a refresher HACCP training course and then a workshop on the latest ISES ORM release.

"I wish we could have used this software during our HACCP training course. It would have made it so much clearer to show how things fit together." Said Rick Edwards, MGC Corporate Quality Manager.

The MGC team is working through loading their site food safety information and can now benchmark and share plans amongst sites, while Head Office now has visibility of all flowcharts, plans and risk registers from anywhere.

"Once we have all of our Food Safety & Quality Plans in ISES we will be in a position to explore other options such as placing our OH&S and Environmental Plans in the system." Said John O’Regan, MGC General Manager Quality Assurance..


MGC at a glance:

  • Established in 1950
  • 100% controlled by Australian dairy farmers
  • Australia’s major exported of dairy products
  • The flagship Devondale brand is a market leader in key categories
  • Focused on customer service and innovation through healthy co-operation


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