Murray River Organics releases pantry range

Murray River Organics has released a range of pantry staples including 10 new products, available on shelves across Australia now.

The new pantry staples range includes MRO Sultanas & Sun Muscat Raisins, Almonds, Apricots, Chia seeds, Psyllium Husks, Green Lentils and Pumpkin Kernels, as well as a new MRO Coconut Oil and Organic Avocado Oil.

According to the Australian Organic Market Report 2019, 65 per cent of Australian households are now buying some sort of organic product or produce yearly – feeding into a growing market with 5-15 per cent compound annual growth across various pantry staple categories.

“Consumers are becoming increasingly health conscious and are demanding cleaner foods, free from chemicals,” says Valentina Tripp, MRO’s CEO & MD. “Products must still taste good but in the most natural and simple form possible.”

MRO is launching its 220-350g range in an innovative refillable canister giving the brand a strong point of difference at an accessible price point.

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