Murray’s winter seasonal beer released

While the big industrial brewers of Australia are fighting over the claim of being the producer of the world’s coldest beer, Murray’s Craft Brewing Co. has launched a new beer specially crafted to provide some winter warmth — Murray’s Best Extra Porter.

Murray’s winter seasonal beer is an unconventional Imperial/Robust Porter, which head brewer Graeme Mahy described as “a beautiful belly-warming beer”. Made vaguely in the Robust Porter style, but with an alcohol content that allows the beer to be classed as an Imperial Porter, Murray’s Best Extra Porter is part of the company’s seasonal bottled brew program. The popular Autumn seasonal, Murray’s Grand Cru, presented in 330ml bottles, sold out within weeks of its release.

Made from selected roasted malts, Murray’s Best Extra Porter is full bodied, rich and complex. Pouring with a deep ruby colour and creamy off-white head, the beer has an aroma of caramel and bittersweet chocolate, which follows through in the flavour and finishes with a firm, but balanced bitterness. Murray’s Best Extra Porter has 8.0% alcohol by volume.

“Due to the style of the beer, we have purposely lowered the bottle carbonation to give it a more rounded and smooth mouth feel,” said Mahy. “This will also increase the wonderful chocolate-coffee flavours.”

Mahy recommends storing this beer on a shelf, rather than in the fridge, as it will allow the flavours to keep developing. “It’s very satisfying to see the flavours morph and deepen over time. At the moment, there’s a real smokiness that is also starting to develop in the beer.

“Once again, it’s a huge beer, but a tiny batch,” said brewery owner, Murray Howe. “And we’re only making 400 cases of each of our seasonals. So once they’re sold, that’s it for the style for this year.”

Murray’s Best Extra Porter is now available from select retailers in NSW and the ACT.

RRP is $19.99 for a 4-pack of 330ml beer.

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