Mussel powder trial order from Chinese multinational

New Zealand-based secondary producer of seafood products and marine ingredients, New Zealand Coastal Seafoods has announced that the company has received a trial order for 20kgs of mussel powder from Hangzhou Toyond Biotech, a multinational nutraceutical supplier established in 2010, with its head office in China and a total of 10 global offices supplying nutraceutical products across 6 continents.

NZCS has utilised trial orders to build relationships with key customers globally, and continues discussions with Toyond, as the company aims to enter into a supply agreement for the Chinese Market.  The Trial Order is expected to be dispatched to China on 30 September 2020.

The order aligns with NZCS’s growth strategy of entering new markets and improving profit margins by extending the range of products.

Toyond is a global, innovation focused company, producing nutraceutical products for white label clients including Swisse, Watson, Dupont, Costco Wholesale, ADM and Cargill.

“We are very pleased to have received the Trial Order, as NZCS continues to expand into international markets. As Toyond is a company distributing nutraceutical products across 6 continents, significant potential exists for NZCS to increase global distribution, and we continue discussions with Toyond, with the aim of entering a long term supply agreement for the Chinese Market,” said New Zealand Coastal Seafoods CEO, Andrew Peti.

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