NanoPack achieves barrier proprieties on PLA packaging films

US-based packaging company NanoPack has announced that it has improved moisture vapour and oxygen barriers on clear PLA (polylactic acid) packaging films, extending the shelf life for food products.

The NanoPack coating system creates a barrier and bonds well to PLA films. The company is testing its PLA film barrier system with a number of converters for various applications such as nuts, chips, dry mixes and confectionery products.

According to the company, the NanoSeal will be an environmentally friendly alternative to creating barrier on PLA films.

“We have succeeded in coating PLA films and achieved a reduction in moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) as well as oxygen transmission rate (OTR),” said Howard Kravitz, president and CEO of NanoPack. “Plus, our coating is the leading barrier alternative for PLA that degrades in landfills.”

The patented NanoSeal technology also provides flavour and aroma barriers, making it applicable to packaging spices, confectionaries and coffee.

Also, the technology is used to achieve better barrier than polyvinylidene chloride (PVdC), ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) and polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH). And, the elimination of chlorine-bearing PVdC reduces processing and disposal concerns.

NanoPack began its research in 2005 and introduced its first commercial products in late 2008. The first in what will be a series of patents has recently been awarded by the European Patent Office.


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