Narrow-gap Segmented Transfer Plates for conveyor belts

Flexco has introduced a Segmented Transfer Plate with options from 3.8cm to 7.6cm gaps between conveyor belts. Segmented Transfer Plates prevent product and foreign object debris from jamming in the transfer, minimising product and belt damage, increasing efficiency, and eliminating downtime. This new extension to the Segmented Transfer Plate line has several unique features, allowing it to be installed into narrower gaps.

Segmented Transfer Plates are designed to cover the gap between conveyors that are positioned belt-to-belt, belt-to-chute, belt-to-roller and for power turns. Available for belt widths up to 1500 mm, the transfer plates protect packages and other products from damage, while preventing belt tears and other damage from lodged foreign objects.

“The individual segments of the Segmented Transfer Plate are designed to release under extreme pressure in the rare instance when a product momentarily lodges between the belt and the segment,” said Beth Miller, director of light-duty marketing of Flexco.  “A single segment section releases, but the remaining segment pieces remain intact and continue to protect the operational efficiencies of your customers.”

The original design featured paired segments to accommodate gap widths 100 mm-250 mm. The new, narrow-gap option accommodates 38 mm-75 mm gaps. Molded-in ribs on the segment surface reduce friction up to 10 per cent and allow packages to transition over the plates.

Segmented Transfer Plates are ideal for use in parcel sortation operations, distribution centers, fulfillment centers, warehousing and airports.

Installation of Segmented Transfer Plates is easy, with flexible mounting options that can be bolted or welded in place. Segments that snap right on to the support bar also make routine maintenance quicker and easier.

Flexco will display the products in May at MEGATRANS2018.


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