National Foods cuts fifth of workforce

National Foods is cutting 34 jobs from its production workforce of 175.

The company, based at Berri, has blamed the global economic downturn for surplus manufacturing capacity.

National Foods says that local growers would not suffer, as the company still needs fruit from the region.

Company general manager Geoff Lynch says those laid off would receive all that they were owed.

“All entitlements will be made available to employees of course, along with every other support we can offer them – relocation assistance if we can redeploy them in another site, counselling of course and a voluntary redundancy program will be rolled out too,” Lynch said.

“We just have the capacity to make more juice than people want to buy at the moment.

“What we are cutting back on now is production of other types of juice – the juice that we use local fruit for; the production lines are unchanged at this stage.”

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