National Packaging Covenant explained

If you are confused by, or would like to know more about, the National Packaging Covenant this is the course for you.

It sets out to clarify and demystify the National Packaging Covenant and explain a company’s obligations when becoming a signatory to the Covenant.

A large number of signatories are food processors, manufacturers or retailers.

Course outline

The course will primarily focus on what is required to fulfill the requirements of the National Packaging Covenant with particular emphasis how to create an acceptable Action Plan and subsequent Action Plan Reports.

In addition to discussing in depth the objectives of the Covenant, the course will workshop an actual Action Plan and Action Plan Report that has been assessed and placed on the National Packaging Covenant website for public view.

Some of the key elements to be discussed on this course include:

• National Packaging Covenant (NPC) Mark II Background and targets

• Product Stewardship

• Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

• Environmental Code of Practice for Packaging (ECoPP)

• Action Plans

• Online KPI Survey

• Annual Reports

• National Environmental Protection Measure (NEPM) for Used Packaging Materials

• The Assessment Process

This course would ideally suit those packaging professionals working at food manufacturing companies or at any point in the packaging supply chain that require a better understanding of the National Packaging Covenant and their obligations as signatories to the National Packaging Covenant.

The course will be presented by Robin Tuckerman FAIP who has more than 30 years experience in the Australian packaging industry and last year judged the Packaging Evolution Awards.

When: Tuesday 11th March

Where: Australian Industry Group, 20 Queens Rd, Melbourne

Time: 12.30pm arrival for a 1.00pm sharp commencement

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Australian Institute of Packaging

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