Pie production peaks in the lead-up to footy finals

National Pies

Tasmanian pie company National Pies has increased pie production in Tasmania by 30 per cent in time for the footy finals, one of Australia’s busiest sporting periods.

National Pies chief executive officer Geraldine Tebbutt said the team is excited to see more than 100,000 pies leave the bakery each day over the next few weeks.

“Pies and footy go hand-in-hand, so we’ve committed to matching demand and providing proper pies to footy lovers nationwide.

“With quality cuts of 100% grass-fed Australian beef, free-range Tasmanian chicken and excellent Tasmanian produce, our pies offer sporting fans plenty of taste options for their half time refuelling,” she said.

Tebutt added that their pies have been consumed by Australians for 80 years and have been enjoyed by consumers from the boundary line countless times in that period.

“Whether it’s on the sidelines of U10s on Saturday morning, or at home watching the professionals, a proper pie will always pair well with Australia’s favourite game,” Tebutt said.

National Pies’ most popular flavours include the Classic Grass Fed Beef Pies and the 12-pack Proper Little range of party pies that have been declared the most popular National Pies varieties to be consumed during the footy finals.

The National Pies bakery staff have been working around the clock, six days a week in order to keep up with the pie demand during this busy season.

The newest range of pies can be found in Woolworths nationally, feature popular flavours as well as new varieties including Original Beef, BBQ Pulled Pork, Grass-Fed Steak and Caramelised Onion, and Chicken and Mushroom.

For more information on products from the National Pie range, visit here.

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