National trade measurement system boosts confidence for Aussie businesses

Posted by Rita Mu

Australian businesses have experienced a confidence boost following the introduction of the national trade measurement system a year ago, Federal Innovation Minister Kim Carr has said.

The development of the system, which is operated through the National Measurement Institute (NMI), ensures products in the supply chain, including food and petrol, are weighed and measured accurately and consistently between businesses and between businesses and consumers.

The system oversees $400 billion worth of measurement-based trade transactions in Australia annually.

Carr said the system was helping Australian businesses become more competitive in the global market.

"The national system has streamlined trade measurement legislation, allowing both businesses and consumers to have confidence in a uniform system," Carr said.

"In the past 12 months, the NMI has recorded more than 1,000 complaints, issued 2,388 organisations with non-compliance notices and completed more than 40,000 tests for measurement and labelling accuracy. Over half of these investigations resulted from public tip-offs to a national hotline about short measures.

"The Commonwealth has invested in raising awareness of trade measurement on a national level so that consumers know what they have the right to expect and businesses know what they are legally obliged to do."

The NMI employs more than 70 trade measurement officers who investigate the measurement standards of businesses, including manufacturing factories, bars, hotels, restaurants, markets, stalls and firewood across the country.

Another 30 officers will be employed in the next 12 months for seven regional locations and 20 operational centres nationally.


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