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Nescafé and Arnott’s Tim Tam team up on new product launch

Nescafé and Arnott’s Tim Tam have teamed up to launch Nescafé White Choc Mocha inspired by Tim Tam. 

Nescafé have described the product as a harmonious blend of sweet white chocolate and creamy coffee flavours.

In a recent announcement Nescafé stated the White Choc Mocha inspired by Tim Tam is the ideal treat for the modern coffee lover, any time, anywhere as we see perceptions of coffee rituals shifting, with Nescafé research showing:

  • -Only 21 per cent of Aussie coffee drinkers consume their coffee before breakfast
  • –  The majority (78 per cent) say they prefer to add both milk and sweetness to their coffee
  • Over half (58 per cent) of Gen Z enjoy their coffee at home, as they look to break up with their pricey café runs and embrace the comfort of an at-home coffee.

Nestlé head of marketing – Coffee Olga Starus said “Nescafé is always looking for ways to delight and surprise our consumers. Following the overwhelmingly positive response to the Nescafé Mocha inspired by Tim Tam ™M range, we decided to take this collaboration of two iconic brands up a notch with this rich, velvety white chocolate twist.”

Arnott’s Group Tim Tam marketing manager Rebecca Chan said “As the much-loved icon Tim Tam turns 60 this year, we’re thrilled to collaborate with the iconic brand – Nescafé – again, adding White Choc inspired by Tim Tam IM to the Nescafé Mixes range.”

Nescafé White Choc Mocha inspired by Tim Tam will be available exclusively at Woolworths from April 2024.

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