Nespresso launches Aurora de la Paz

Nespresso this month launches an extremely rare Limited Edition coffee from the lush region of Caquetá, Colombia, a coffee that has remained inaccessible for decades due to instability in the region.

Literally translated to ‘Dawn of Peace’, the Pure Origin Aurora de la Paz honours the farmers who continued to preserve and cultivate this scarce coffee despite local conflicts. By investing in the Caquetá region, Nespresso aims to help smallholder farmers rebuild their local coffee industry and provide them with a new source of sustainable income.

Grown in a unique Colombian climate of low altitudes and temperatures with high humidity, Aurora de la Paz is a coffee of medium intensity level 5 and best enjoyed as an Espresso.

“This Limited Edition coffee is notably different from other coffees in Colombia due its’ sweet and balanced profile. Traditionally, Colombian Arabica is bright with fresh acidity whereas the profile of Aurora de la Paz reveals toasted cereal and sweet fruit notes thanks to the unexplored terroir and light roast,” Nespresso Coffee Ambassador Mitch Monaghan commented.

The launch of Aurora de la Paz builds on Nespresso’s 13-year presence in Colombia, during which the company has worked closely with farmers through the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program. In partnership with the Colombian Coffee Growers’ Federation (FNC), Nespresso will introduce its AAA Sustainable Quality Program in Caquetá.

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