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Nespresso Momento Coffee and Milk machine launched for future workplaces

Nespresso Momento

Nespresso has announced the launch of the Nespresso Momento Coffee and Milk machine, to be part of the Nespresso Momento range and designed specifically for the workplace of the future. 

The Nespresso Momento Coffee and Milk machine can yield a variety of Australian-style milk-based coffees such as lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites and is inspired by the evolution of new workplaces – designed to bring employees together, improve productivity and create added business value. 

“Australia’s workplaces have been changing rapidly. They’ve become more flexible, with teams now working from a mix of home and office,” Nespresso Oceania general manager Jean-Marc Dragoli said. 

“This makes human interaction even more valuable, as face-to-face conversations are few and far between. We designed the Nespresso Momento range to create the perfect cup of coffee to be at the heart of these exchanges, enhancing meaningful employee relationships.” 

The new Momento coffee machine is the most intuitive in the range, incorporating technology which reads the coffee capsule and recommends the optimal beverage extraction for the selected coffee. The interactive screen shows the intensity levels for each of the 17 coffees within the Nespresso range. 

The machine’s settings will allow a choice between six black and white coffee recipes at the touch of a button to be chosen from the full catalogue. Alternatively, users can scan the QR code to select their coffee preference touch-free. 

Following Nespresso’s Positive Cup principles, sustainability is at the core of the Nespresso Momento Coffee and Milk machine, with long lasting, easily repairable or changeable elements, recyclable packaging and settings that preserve water and energy.  

It is adaptable to a myriad of spaces, whether it’s a corner or a smaller scale kitchen, due to its different possible arrangements. It is also the quietest machine in the range, enabling businesses to place it in smaller meeting rooms or in open spaces. The design also considered the maintenance of the machine – with its high autonomy and intuitive interface, operators will be able to save time. 

The Nespresso Momento Coffee and Milk machine received the iF Design Award 2019. 

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