Nespresso relaunches ‘Tribute to Milano’

This month, Nespresso has taken inspiration from the bustling Italian coffee culture of Milan to relaunch one of its most loved Grand Cru, Tribute to Milano. Responding to Australian’s love of intense coffee, the product is available as a limited edition.

Tribute to Milano is a reflection of the rich history and culture that Milan offers. In the hustle and bustle of the affluent Northern Italian city, coffee is usually enjoyed intense and at a fast pace whilst standing at the bar, complementing the intense Milanese way of life.

To honour this, Nespresso Coffee Experts have re-created a delicate blend of Arabica and Robusta beans that results in a delightful balance between fine fruity aromas and sweet cereal notes.

Mitch Monaghan, Nespresso Coffee Ambassador, explained: “We know that Australians have a love for a more intense coffee and discovering new coffee cultures through our Limited Edition Grands Crus. Originally launched in 2015, bringing back the Limited Edition Tribute to Milano is our way of showing our customers we know what they love.”

The Limited Edition Grand Cru has a mild bitterness and acidity with a rounded body and high intensity. Let this delightful Ristretto immerse you into the atmosphere of this enchanting Italian city.


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