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Nespresso’s Barista Creations for Ice Range

Nespresso has released a new series of cold beverages – the Barista Creations For Ice range, which  includes two new characteristic blends crafted to partner with ice and cold coffee recipes.

Freddo Delicato
A blend for summers spent pool side, Freddo Delicato is full of fruity notes from Kenyan coffee. This lightly roasted coffee has been crafted to deliver delicate notes and refresh.

Freddo Intenso
Freddo Intenso is a blend of South American Arabica and Indonesian Arabica beans. When paired with ice, this coffee transforms into an intense flavour and full-bodied finish, the perfect ending to a lazy lunch.

Ice Leggero
Perfect for those days lounging in the sunshine, Ice Leggero is full of delicate fruit and cereal coffee notes. Roasted lightly and ground specifically to deliver this cooling sensation.

 Ice Forte
After impressing friends with a long and leisurely summer dinner, finish the meal with an Ice Forte. The South American Arabica’s mix with the Indonesian Arabica to offer an indulgent aromatic experience, dark roasted and ground specifically for a delicious experience over ice.


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