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Nespresso’s new take on Italian coffee

Product name: Grand Cru Coffee

Product manufacturer: Nespresso

Italian coffee culture is distinct and aromatic and is the inspiration for Nespresso’s newly released Grand Cru coffees.

The limited edition range is based on the Italian cities of Napoli and Trieste.

The Nespresso Trieste reflects a mix of German, Latin and Slavic cultures, all enjoyed by resident coffee lovers with milk, without milk, long or short.

Nespresso has delicately blended Arabica beans to achieve an intensity level of 9 with hints of chocolate and fresh hazelnuts and a smooth, well rounded texture. 

Traditionally Neapolitans enjoy their coffee short and dark and with this in mind Nespresso has developed Nespresso Napoli which is a full bodied, high intensity blend.

Delivering the aroma of wood and black tea leaves the Napoli is a blend of Arabica beans with a hint of Robusta and has an intensity of 11.

It is best served black and hot with sugar, just how the locals like it.

The Grand Cru range will be available for a limited time from 8 April 2013 at Nespresso Boutiques nationally.

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