Nestlé Aero chocolate, Australian made again

Posted by Rita Mu

Nestlé’ is now manufacturing its Aero chocolate in Australia after 15 years of production in the United Kingdom.

Nestlé Australia announced that up to 1000 tonnes of Aero chocolate will be produced annually at its Campellfield factory in Victoria, as part of a $12 million upgrade at the site.

Confectionary Business Executive Manager, Andrew McIver, of Nestlé Australia said the Aero bars and blocks were made with a new recipe especially formulated to appeal to Australian and New Zealand tastebuds.

“Australians and New Zealanders like their chocolate to be smoother and creamier and we’ve done a lot of work on the Aero recipe to reflect that,” he said.

“The move to bring Aero back is very exciting as it means we will have more opportunity for innovation and the product will be fresher because it will take much less time to reach the consumer.

“We’ve also invested heavily in new machinery and technology that will create the unique bubble texture of Aero.”

Aero was originally launched in the United Kingdom in 1935 and began production in Australia in the early 1970s where it stayed until 1996 before moving offshore.

Nestlé Australia began producing Aero chocolate again last month.

Image: nestle.com.au

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